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Capital Mandarin School’s Attitude

At Capital Mandarin, we have the chance to continuously meet fascinating individuals who are studying Chinese for a number of very diverse reasons. The fact that our students come from all walks of life, different ages, cultures, countries and environments only adds make a stay at our school an experience one will never forget.

It is due to this diversity that we recognised that understanding (and teaching) our culture starts with understanding what it is not in relation to other cultures. Einstein said, everything is relative, which is true, especially within the realm of human society and interaction. We, therefore, consider learning from our students at least as important as teaching them.

Several of our former and current students have provided us with inspirations and know-how that is invaluable to say the least. The cultural melting-pot creates discussions and sets ideas free and this is one of main reasons why we like working in this sector.

The best examples of the inspiring content that has been created thanks to our students’ creativity are VIDEOS and FACEBOOK POSTS that you can see on our site. Please do not hesitate to become part of the Capital Mandarin creativity and share your ideas!

Student Videoblog

Our students’ videoblog catch the experiences of some of our students to show you how we teach and how we take care of them.


Testimonials from our students

“I have thoroughly enjoyed learning Chinese at Capital Mandarin School. I love the fact that the teachers are flexible and lessons are tailored to individual needs, be that business Chinese, or just learning the everyday basics. I cannot believe how much I have learned in just a few weeks.”

Aruna from the UK uk_flag_small


“I’ve been studying Chinese for over a year between the U.S.and China, and Capital Mandarin has provided by far the best class I’ve had yet. Everyday you are challenged to speak, read, write and listen. All of this in an encouraging and fun environment! I highly recommend this school.”

Chad Sands from the USA us_flag_small


“Recently I’ve spent three months at a Chinese university, where we learned 70 to 80characters per week in a class mixed with Asians who already knew the characters. No disrespect to traditional teaching methods, but our Western brains must be wired different. After three months of full time study, I had learned a lot of words but wasn’t able to put many sentences together. Finding Capital Mandarin School was like a dream, with teaching staff who make special effort to teach efficiently what a student needs. The staff tries to mach students whose levels are as close as possible, and in smaller class groups. The teachers are professional, with good English that is only used when necessary, and are as flexible as possible with class scheduling.

Because of special introductory offers Capital Mandarin is less expensive than universities, but even at twice the price, Capital Mandarin would still be of more value for efficient learning.”

Ken from the Ireland Ireland


“I spent the entire month of May of 2013 in Beijing. My teacher was great; the phonetic and pronunciation lessons helped me a lot improving my comprehension and oral expression in mandarin. I can say I enjoyed the school’s environment and the treatment I received from everyone. I would certainly recommend Capital Mandarin to other people interested in learning mandarin in Beijing.”

Rogério B. Alves  from Brazil brazil_flag_small


“I’ve been studying Chinese for over a year between the U.S.and China, and Capital Mandarin has provided by far the best class I’ve had yet. Everyday you are challenged to speak, read, write and listen. All of this in an encouraging and fun environment!”

Chad from the USA us_flag_small


“We just wanted to say thank you for all your help in organising Chinese classes for us in Beijing. We had all the information we needed seamlessly before we arrived and enjoyed a really great two weeks with Capital Mandarin in Beijing itself. Sandy was a fantastic teacher so thank you very much to her as well – we have already managed to ask some questions in Mandarin!”

Jasmine & Katy from the UK uk_flag_small


“The friendly atmosphere makes me feel comfortable, as if I was at home here at Gaobeidian campus. Efficient learning program & competent teachers make my Chinese progress incredibly fast – after three weeks I’ve read my first childrens book about cats!”

Anna from Germany Germany


“I like the fact that my teachers are very approachable. They even help us through voice message if we have a question. I first wanted to stay for a week only, and now I prolongated my intensive classes for a whole month and then I try to pass HSK2!”

Orestis from Finland Finland


“I got what I wanted and surprisingly I can speak Chinese now.”

Vlad from Russia Russia


“Xin is a good and demanding teacher and she was patient with me while always smiling. It is motivating and fun  to learn Chinese.”

Philippe from SwitzerlandSwitzerland


“I managed to tell the taxi driver in Mandarin where I want to go.I speak more Mandarin in shops and restaurants. I am very pleased with myself.”

Sarah from France France


“The staff was absolutely wonderful. Everything was well coordinated and flexible at the same time. I enjoyed the lessons tremendously, which I knew I would.”

Yuko from Japan Japan


“To Ma Li: Thank you for keeping the Guomao classrooms busy and for showing me the art of paper cutting. Paper cutting pieces make far better souvenirs than fans or chopsticks.

To Gao Kai: Thank you for being the hardest working and dedicated teacher around. Capital Mandarin is more than lucky to have you.”

To Natasha Zhang: Thank you for keeping the summer camp parents happy by constantly bugging me for pictures and for being a language hero to the 99% of summer camp kids.”

Michael Hsun from Singapore Singapore


“A lot of good and happy memories has come from you, your country, your school and your city ; ) I would like to tell you (and all your fantastic team) I have “spent” a very good days there, in your country with your help. Of course, I hope we I can go again in the future but, by the way, I just want to say… Thanks!”

Ricardo & Aurora from Spain Spain