Standard/Intensive Chinese Lessons


Standard/Intensive Chinese Lessons

All language students have one thing in common: the language skills are acquired to fulfill a predefined goal. Capital Mandarin School offers a selection of Chinese lessons/ Chinese course designed to teach Chinese the most efficient way possible.

Standard Chinese Lessons

Standard Chinese Lessons/ Chinese Course include three 50-minute lessons every day, five days a week. Those three lessons take place in the morning from 09:30 to 12:20 with a 10-minute break in between lessons.


The classes mainly focus on spoken Chinese and are designed to make you interact in Chinese as fast as possible. Until the intermediate level Chinese characters remain at the background. After the intermediate spoken level has been reached, time is also dedicated to reading & writing, which allows for communication with short message devices (mobile phones, chats, etc.).


The classes are similarly designed as the Standard Group ones, with a big focus on speaking. However, lesson focus may be changed and decided on between teacher and student before the start of the course.

Intensive Chinese Lessons

Intensive Chinese Lessons/ Chinese Course includes five 50-minute lessons every day, five days a week. The schedule is separated into three lessons in the morning (09:30-12:20) and two in the afternoon (13:30-15:20).


The morning classes focus on spoken Chinese, while the afternoon classes are dedicated to reading and writing.

At CMS, we consider this course the best one to help you achieve fast results in learning the language while having fun. The group dynamics are often beneficial to the learning process, as the range of language and culture problems that can be discussed is broader due to the multiple experiences of a diverse set of students.


These lessons follow the normal CMS curriculum, however they can be customized to meet the individual student’s needs. In this case, after taking the placement test, the teacher will prepare the lessons to help the student improve as much as possible.

CMS considers this course the best one to prepare for any upcoming Chinese language test the student may have.


The mixed course offers the student the option of taking 3 group lessons in the morning and 2 private lessons in the afternoon.

As with the group courses, morning lessons focus on spoken Chinese. However, the private afternoon lessons are dedicated to applying and extending what was learned in the morning, as well as helping the student improve and correct any problems or mistakes that may appear.


If you want to improve your reading and writing skills specifically, we suggest you take the INTENSIVE MIX course, as the afternoon private lessons can be dedicated to writing.

If you want to prepare the HSK exam, we suggest you prepare only HSK 3 or higher, the INTENSIVE MIX is also a good option.