Chinese Courses


Chinese Courses/Chinese Lessons

Capital Mandarin School offers a series of Chinese courses/ Chinese lessons for people who want to learn Mandarin Chinese and who want to familiarize themselves with the land of the Dragon in a more comprehensive way.

Our headmistress, Teacher Ma, and her staff believe that language study is greatly enhanced by an understanding of the culture in which the language is spoken. With an experienced and enthusiastic Chinese teacher at the steering wheel, it is not hard to realize that the whole school is constructed around the staff and students’ commitment to learning, maintaining, or improving Mandarin skills.

Chinese Lessons LinkFor those students who wish to come to Beijing to study Chinese/ learn Mandarin or are already here, we have the option of the Standard/Intensive Course. This consists of regular Chinese Course / Chinese lessons in group or in private for 3 (Standard) or 5 (Intensive) hours a day.

Test Preparation Course LinkIf a student wants to take the Chinese level exams (HSK, BCT & YCT) and wishes to prepare for it beforehand, they are welcome to participate in the Test Preparation Course.

VISA INFORMATIONThe X2 Student Visa Lessons are for those who want to stay in China less than 180days and focus on learning Chinese.

CMS BOOKSIn order to make sure our lessons are up to our exacting standards, we create our own teaching material. We have our own coursebooks, revision books and Hanzi learning books.(Level 1 、Level 2 & Level 3)