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Chinese School in Beijing - Capital Mandarin School

The Chinese School in Beijing China

Capital Mandarin School is one of leading private Chinese schools in Beijing with its headquarters and campus in Gaobeidian/高碑店.

We provide professional Chinese language & culture instruction to students from all over the world.

Whether you simply want to learn the Chinese language, study the culture or get ahead in your career, a Chinese course from our full time teachers is a valuable investment in your future.


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Chinese Program Overview

Learn Chinese in Beijing | Capital Mandarin School

Capital Mandarin School’s location, at Gaobeidian, is one of its great advantages, right in front of the Tonghui River, and 10 minutes away from the subway station. Gaobeidian, a traditional Chinese neighborhood, is the perfect place for you to experience China and Beijing as the locals. Within a 5 minutes walk of the school you’ll find dozens of restaurants, be it Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Western, so you can try the delicious Chinese culinary, or for the days that you really miss home, you can still eat something else! You’ll be able to jog on the lively riverside, while listening to the locals singing, or play at the football and basketball courts of the high school next door. Right around the corner you’ll also find grocery stores, fruits and vegetables markets, traditional tea houses, coffee shops, and much more! Check out the map below with just some of the spots you can go walking for less than five minutes from our school, and see how conveniently located we are!

Being in the Chaoyang District, the most populous in Beijing, and home to the foreign embassies, we are always very close to the main sights in the city. Our school and the iconic CCTV Tower are only 5 subway stops apart, and the Beijing Financial District is mere 3! You can also arrive in the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square after just 8 subway stops!

The best way to learn Chinese is by practicing with the locals, so come to Beijing and stay at Capital Mandarin School