School’s Location and Directions


Beijing is a big and sprawling metropolis, with over 20 million inhabitants, with an endless amount of activities and sights to enjoy. The problem that can come with this is that, if you don’t choose a good place to stay, you risk spending hours upon hours on commute, and not being able to enjoy the city at all.

That is why (北京亿同原科技文化有限公司)Capital Mandarin School’s location is so important. We are very centrally located, in the Chaoyang District, the most populous in the city and home to the foreign embassies. Being inside the 4th ring road, of a total of 7 in Beijing, we are always only very few subway stops away from the most important sights. The Beijing Financial District is mere 3 subway stops away from the school, and the iconic CCTV tower only 5! You can also arrive on the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square after riding for only 8 stops on the subway!

Capital Mandarin School and distance from main sights.

How to get to our campus:

By TAXI (Approximate cost Airport-Gaobeidian: ¥100)

高碑店村: 北京市朝阳区高碑店西店村26号楼8门
Gāobēidiàn cūn: Běijīng shì chāoyáng qū gāobēidiàn xīdiàn cūn 26 hào lóu 8 mén

ATTENTION: The Gaobedian area is newly constructed and it is possible taxi drivers might not know it. If that is the case, please give us a call and we will tell the driver how to get there.


From CITY CENTRE (Subway):

Line 1 until: SiHui East/四惠东

Click here to get detailed instructions on how to reach the school from Sihui East

From TONGZHOU (Subway):

Line BaTong/八通 until: GaoBeiDian/高碑店 – door A3 (southwest)


Line 506 until: GaoBeiDianQiaoDong/高碑店桥东

From AIRPORT (Approximate cost Airport-Gaobeidian: ¥30):

1) Line Airport until: SanYuanQiao/三元桥
2) Line 10 until: GuoMao/国贸
3) Line 1 until: SiHui East/四惠东

Capital Mandarin School - Baidukaorou Restaurant & Entry
Capital Mandarin School - Xin'anmen Entry

Capital Mandarin School Gaobedian Campus Directions