Family Chinese Summer Camp

Family Chinese Summer Camp

Family Chinese Summer Camp

 The Family Chinese Summer Camp lets you experience a different culture as a family! Study in the Morning, discover Beijing in the afternoon!

Chinese lessons take part in the morning, from 9:30 to 12:20 and in the afternoon (13:30-15:20), while cultural activities take part after lunch (15:30-16:20), four days a week. Wednesdays families can go on a half day trip, whereas Saturdays they can enjoy a full day trip.

NOTE: We send an invitation letter to all our students by e-mail. If you however need the original invitation letter, we can send it by DHL for a fee.


For more information on the Summer Camp click here.

START DATES Every Monday Every Monday
SCHEDULE 9:30 – 15:20 9:30 – 16:20
DAYS Mon – Sat Mon – Sat
CHINESE LESSONS 3 or 5 3 or 5


Example Schedule

This example schedule will give you an idea on how the Family Camp is organized. If parents wish to join any cultural activities the school organizes once you are in Beijing, you can join by paying in cash at the office beforehand.