Kids Chinese Summer Camp

Kids Chinese Summer Camp

Kids Chinese Summer Camp

The Kids Chinese Summer Camp is for those students aged 8-12 who wish to come to Beijing to study Chinese. It consists of 50 minute lessons in small group classes of 6 or less students. Students can take 3 lessons/day (morning), or they can take 5 lessons/day (3 morning + 2 afternoon). A standard level test will be taken before coming to Beijing so that students may be placed in the correct level (Beginner to Advanced) and age group.

It can be split into 2 different camps:

  • Study Camp (K1) – Morning Chinese lessons (3 or 5)
  • Day Camp (K2) – Study Camp (3 or 5 lessons) + lunch + afternoon activities + Saturday trips (Saturdays are optional)

NOTE: We send an invitation letter to all our students by e-mail. If you however need the original invitation letter, we can send it by DHL for a fee.

For more information on the Summer Camp click here.

STARTING DATES Every Monday Every Monday
SCHEDULE 9:30 – 12:20
or 9:30 – 15:20
9:30 – 16:20
DAYS Mon – Fri Mon – Sat
CHINESE LESSONS (3 or 5) (3 or 5)
 MEALS Lunch

Example Schedule

This example schedule will give you an idea on how the Day Camp is organized. Lessons 4 & 5 are only for those who choose to take 5 lessons a day. Saturday trips can be booked in full when choosing the course. However, if you decide not to book the trips and once in Beijing want to join any of them, you can do so by talking to one of our teachers, the trip will then be payed in cash at the office.

Activities and Trips: