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Children Exchange Program

Undoubtedly, the best way to progress when learning a language is to immerse oneself completely into that culture. The Children Exchange Program has been designed to allow children aged 6-12 years to experience life as a primary Chinese school student at one of Beijing’s top public primary schools.


Students will take normal lessons (maths, PE, music, art, etc.) with local children while learning Chinese. They will take part in extra Chinese lessons in order to catch up and improve their Chinese level.



After lunch, the school offers a variety of activities and courses for the students to take part in. This includes drama and science courses, music and singing courses, sports, etc. Students will be able to choose which to join in advance.


Baijiazhuang Primary school has many after school clubs which any student can join: the English Drama Club, the Handicrafts Club, the Photography Club, the Robotics Club, the Rubik’s Club, the Taekwondo Club and so on.


The children would be able to stay with the family of one of their classmates. This would not only provide them with the perfect opportunity to practice their Chinese skills outside of class, but more importantly, could be the beginning of a life long friendship, not just with that child and family, but with the country & culture in which they live.


Students also have the possibility to come with their families. The children would join the regular lessons in the morning and after lunch and then spend the rest of the afternoon with their parents. If necessary, Capital Mandarin School would help find a suitable hotel near the primary school for the family to stay in.


Lessons take place during the week from 8:10am to 3:20pm with a lunch break in between from 12:00am to 1:30pm.


1 Maths Art Maths Maths English
2 P.E. English Chinese English Chinese
3 Chinese Chinese Art Chinese P.E.
4 Chinese Chinese Music P.E. Maths
5 Activity Feature Course Theme Course Activity Computer Class
EXTRA Extra Curricular Activities



Parent feedback:

“Our daughter Nicole (8 years old) attended the Baijiazhuang School for 3 weeks in Dec 2015. That was hers, and ours, very first experience attending the real Chinese school (or a school outside of Canada). And we can say that was a true fascinating experience for out whole family!

The very first impression of the school, from the school appearance, staff, pupils etc. – was very positive. We have to admit that school was presented in much better way than most public schools we have seen in Canada (and even on the level of Canadian private school). And that impression did not leave us during whole 3 weeks of attendance.

Since neither myself nor my wife speak Chinese and also since there were no homework given to Nicole – it’s hard to judge on the details of the curriculum. But general school looks quite good.

Our daughter was very happy to get up every morning and go to school. And mind you, she had to get up much earlier, than she used to in Canada (6:00 AM in China vs. 7:30 AM in Canada). She loved her teacher – Zhao Laoshi. And she liked her classmates (whom she wants to stay in touch via WeChat, while back in Canada).

We were also very impressed with organization of the class performance for Christmas Day, the quality, fulfillment, and skills sets of the organizers and the participants (pupils). The New Year Eve day – was also very impressive and showed students from different perspective of their skills and interests.

At the end it was quite sad for us, when we had to say good-bye to the school, the teacher and the classmates. We really hope we will another opportunity to meet and/or attend this school again.”

Nicole, Vlad & Rita Kot from Canada