Our Teachers

Capital Mandarin School’s heart are our teachers: the core team consists of talented young teachers who love engaging with students and, moreover, who love Mandarin Chinese.

Our teachers are full time staff members focusing on teaching and improving the Capital Mandarin School teaching materials, such as HSK Preparation books, a comprehensive Beginner to Upper Intermediate Level teaching curriculum on PPT, etc.  The fact that our teachers are focusing on the job of making Chinese accessible to non-mothertongue speakers means that our classes are always up to date and profit from the most modern Chinese teaching research. If you are looking for quality, our teachers can deliver without hesitation.

Basic requirements for teachers at Capital Mandarin are a Chinese teaching degree and a teaching certificate. In order to ensure the teaching quality, all teachers in CMS must have at least 1000 hours of previous teaching experience. With the help of the head teacher, CMS makes sure their teaching is even more practical and efficient


  • All teachers in CMS need to achieve at least a B+ Level in the PUTONGHUA SHUIPING CESHI.
  • All teachers in CMS need to have a Senior International Chinese Teacher Certificate.

Besides those degrees, our teaching staff gets trained by Ma Laoshi herself, as she contributes her own innovative ideas to the study of mandarin Chinese.

Our Teachers: Gaobeidian Campus


Chinese name: Ma Gaizhen
Majored in: Chinese
English name: Sandy
Teaching experience: 18 years
What is special about your teaching method?
I combine language with philosophy, history, society, etiquette and many aspects that are very different from other cultures. This makes the process of understanding much more profound. Learning a language is not only about the language as an instrument of communication, it is also about understanding the kind of thoughts it enables.


Chinese name: Qi Lichao
Majored in: Chinese
English name: Qiqi
Teaching experience: 7 years
How do you teach someone who has a problem with his tones?
At first, I would listen to what the student is saying carefully and find the problem and explain how to pronounce correctly. Then I would organise some exercises to practice. Last I would correct him/her when the pronunciation is wrong. Normally after two or three days, the problem would lighten.


Chinese name: Zheng Jina
Majored in: Chinese
English name: Tina
Teaching experience: 6 years
How do you teach someone who has problems with memorising?
I will adapt teaching output and increase revision exercises. I will also recommend the student to revise new content after class as much as possible, to improve memory. Together with the student I will define his/her own study and revision plan, so as to help gain memory based on
scientific reasoning.


Chinese name: Wang Ning
Majored in: Chinese
English name: Harry
Teaching experience: 7 years
What is your favourite moment during class?
What I like most is to use rules of language, history of Chinese culture, and characteristics of Chinese people’s thoughts to explain linguistic phenomena. Those ideas that inspire me to find ways of more perfect explanations are when I am most happy during class.


Chinese name: Liu Dan
Majored in: Chinese
English name: Dani
Teaching experience: 6 years
How do you teach someone who has problems with pronunciation?
Depending on the individual peculiarities of pronunciation as well as problems caused by the student’s native language, when he/she speaks I will point out the issues related to (mouth) position and way of pronunciation. I will once more offer guidance and exercises regarding the existing problems.