Capital Mandarin School’s heart are our teachers: the core team consists of talented young teachers who love to engage with students and, moreover, who love Mandarin Chinese.

Our teachers are full time staff members focusing on teaching and improving the Capital Mandarin School teaching materials, such as HSK Preparations books, a comprehensive Beginner to Upper Intermediate Level teaching curriculum on PPT, etc.  The fact that our teachers are focusing on the job of making Chinese accessible to non-mothertongue speakers means that our classes are always up to date and profit from the most modern Chinese teaching research. If you are looking for quality, our teachers can deliver without hesitation.

Basic requirements for teacher at Capital Mandarin are a Chinese teaching degree and a teaching certificate. Below you can see which degrees of which universities have been or are currently represented by our teaching Staff.

University Degree Teaching Certificate
Beijing Shifan Daxue/北京示范大学

Besides those degrees, our teaching staff gets trained by teacher Ma herself, as she contributes her own innovative ideas to the study of mandarin Chinese.