University Program


University Program – Study at Capital University of Economics and Business

Capital Mandarin offers you the chance you study Chinese in one of Beijing’s universities. Learn Chinese in the morning and practice what you learned with the locals in the afternoon.



Our Short-Term Study program allows students to take Chinese lessons in university for a semester. Meanwhile, our Long-Term Study program allows students to attend lessons for one to two years.


Lessons take place in the morning from 8:30 to 12:00 and are designed to help the students improve their listening, speaking and writing skills. There is also big emphasis on grammar and reading newspapers and periodicals. Our classes are also relatively small (10 to 20 students) in order to ensure students get better results.


Classes are divided into 6 different Chinese levels (Beginner 1 & 2, Intermediate 1 & 2 and Advanced 1 & 2). In order to make sure that each student attends the appropriate level, they will take a placement test beforehand.

If students wish to, they can take part in the HSK exam, that will test their Chinese level and proficiency.



Students have access to the university’s different facilities, such as the canteen, a gym, football pitches and basketball courts, an indoor swimming pool, etc.

In the afternoon, students can take part in elective courses such as Chinese culture, Kung Fu lessons, Chinese cooking and Chinese calligraphy.


Student dorms are located inside the university itself. The rooms are all double rooms equipped with the basic necessities, as well as air conditioning, heating, TV and wi-fi. Every room has its own bathroom with showers and a western style toilet.

Each floor has a kitchen and a laundry area that students can use at any time. The dorm also has a small cafeteria and a break room.


The university is located in Dawanglu and is very near the subway station (Lines 1 and 14) and the different bus stops. Dawanglu is an area known for its shopping malls and its restaurants.


  • Tuition – 19000 RMB for a year // 9500 RMB for a semester (There will be no lessons during public holidays and summer/winter vacation)
  • Registration Fee – 600 RMB
  • Visa Application Fee – 650 RMB
  • Accommodation – 43 to 51 RMB / night (price depends on the room – 2 person rooms available)


Student feedback:

“Hi my name is Xue li. I am from Thailand. I never thought that I could learn Chinese.

But nowadays Chinese language becomes more important. Lots of Chinese people go to Thailand to travel, lots of products imported from China. So I think if I could speak Chinese, it would be useful in the future so I want to try.

I started as a beginner. Everything was new. I think Chinese language is one of the most difficult languages especially writing Chinese characters.

But I am so lucky to meet good teachers and classmates here. They try to help me a lot which make me feel better that Chinese language is not as difficult as I thought. Teachers here can explain grammar very cleary.

It is very important for me because this is the 1st time to learn Chinese and if I met bad environments, I would not have motivations to learn Chinese anymore.
I meet good friends from many countries. My classmates now are very funny so they make everybody want to go to school. That is very good.

This university also has activities especially the beginning of this month I joined the International Cultural Festival. This is the 1st time for me too to promote Thai cultures in aboard.
So I think my university life here is one of best experiences in my life :)”

Xue Li from Thailand