Capital Mandarin School’s Attitude

In our business, we have the chance to continuously meet fascinating individuals who are studying Chinese for a number of very diverse reasons. The fact that our students come from all walks of life, different ages, cultures, countries and environments only adds make a stay at our school an experience one will never forget.

It is due to this diversity that we recognised that understanding (and teaching) our culture starts with understanding what it is not in relation to other cultures. Einstein said, everything is relative, which is true, especially within the realm of human society and interaction. We, therefore, consider learning from our students at least as important as teaching them.

Several of our former and current students have provided us with inspirations and know-how that is invaluable to say the least. The cultural melting-pot creates discussions and sets ideas free and this is one of main reasons why we like working in this business.

The best examples of the inspiring what has been created thanks to our students creativity are the VIDEOS and FACEBOOK POSTS that you can see on our site. Please do not hesitate to become part of the Capital Mandarin creativity and share your ideas!


Without the students of Capital Mandarin School our existence would not be possible. Since the students are the crucial part of any school, we would also like to give them a chance to present themselves, and tell you what they think about our School.


Gaobeidian Campus Wolfgang (U.S.A.) Orestes (Greece) Anna (Germany) Fernando (Spain) Michael (U.S.A./Singapore)